Technical support /  Warranty and after Sales Service                                                                                      
LIBEREK spol. s r.o.

Company LIBEREK provides technical support, warranty and after sales customer service to the following products :

Medicine :     BW and color videoprinters / printers Mitsubishi
Digital photography:   Dye sublimation printers Mitsubishi, Photo systems / Kiosks Mitsubishi ( all models )
Systems for sublimation printing : Mug presses BJ-XX, T-shirt presses , 3D vacuum oven ST3042
Control systems, testers for telecomunications and 19" system, manufactured by Liberek


Technical suport is done by phone or better via remote desktop / TeamViewer. If your device is connected to Internet computer, we can connect on your computer / Kiosk and make the printer installation / setting / adjustment.

If you are interested about remote support, please download following to your computer :

If you start TeamViewer you see  :
             Computer ID : XX
             Password :     XX
Send your computer ID and Password  ( which is valid only for one session ) to :, preferebly contact support :
tel  00420 602 467 329

If you close TeamViewer window after setting was done, we are unable to connect to your PC anymore    

If you have any problem with product we have sold you, please write / call to :

             Handy  : 00420 602 467 329
             You can send us product by DPD / Post ( carefully packed - if possible in original packing ) with short description of failure to our address,
             we shall inform you about problem / estimated costs / recommendation to additional service actions.

            Shipping address :
           Jiří Živec
            Průmyslová 995
( area COMTES FHT, building 1330 )
           334 41 Dobřany
           Czech Republic

                                                                                                  Looking forward to further cooperation, team of company LIBEREK spol. s r.o.